Open import context

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Open import context

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To open an import context, call the stored procedure OpenImportContext.  Example:


EXEC OpenImportContext 'T3','ProfdocJ3.0001'


The call to OpenImportContext takes two parameters.  The first is the name of a project, which is also called a Study in FastTrak.  If the Study is not already present, it will be created by the OpenImportContext procedure.  The second parameter is defined by the user, and has no special meaning in the FastTrak database.  The example above is used for user 0001 in a Profdoc database.


Result set

The procedure returns a single row of data with three fields.









The first field, ContextId, is a handle to the import context.  It can be used to reset data (see below).  The second field returns the last succesful closure of this import context.  This allows the import functio to leave out data before this date, which means only a differential import can be made. The third field is a batch number.  In this case it tells you that there has been 3443 calls to OpenImportContext already.


For an import context to be closed, the procedure CloseImportContext must be called.  See below.