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File share

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Preparing a file share

On the file server, make a file share (name Emetra is preferred) and make it available to the appropriate users.  Recommendations for user permissions on this share can be found elsewhere in this document.


Extracting application files

The application is distributed as a ZIP file. The exact filename/link depends on the version. You will need to unpack the application files to the file share. You may use this set for a first installation:


There could be newer versions available, please contact Emetra Support at +47 90656922 to get this information.


Creating a datalink (UDL file)

The application needs to know where to find its data.  This is done through the creation of an UDL file.  A simple way to do this is outlined below:


1.Create a text file in Windows Explorer (Right click,  New - Text file )

2.Rename it to FastTrak.UDL (ignore the warning)

3.Double click the file to specify the connection details.  


You should select "Microsoft SQL Server OLE DB Provider" on the Service/Tjeneste page, and the location and name of the database you created in the previous step.  See an example in picture below.


Starting the application the first time

After the datalink file has been prepared, you should be able to start the application and log in to it.  The first thing you will need to do is to upgrade the database to match the requirements of the application.  This is done by clicking Administrator and Oppgrader database on the opening screen of the application.


Database connection example

Database connection example