Using FTPuller.EXE

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Using FTPuller.EXE

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The program FTPuller.EXE can be used to extract outgoing XML messages from the FastTrak database and put them in a folder.


Command line parameters

The source data (XML message files) will be copied to the destination specified with the DestPath command line option.  The database connection is specified in the UDL parameter.  A typical example could be:


FTLabImp DestPath=d:\well\outbox\ UDL=d:\well\FastTrak.UDL


Default UDL file

If there is no UDL parameter, the program will first look for FTPuller.UDL in the same directory as the executable, next it will look for FastTrak.UDL.  If none of these are found, the program exits with an error message.